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2020 NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge

The Challenge is quickly drawing to a close, with a little over a month left before all student entries are to be finalised. Closing dates for the 2020 Challenge are as follows:
Friday August 28: Final date for entry of Student Reading Records by students.
Friday September 11: Final date for validation of Student Reading Records by coordinators.
To avoid possible issues with site congestion on these dates, we encourage you to finalise entries as early as possible. This will allow us time to resolve any issues that may arise before the system is closed for the 2020 Challenge.

Please read through the following support articles for information to help you with the process of finalising your 2020 PRC records:


If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to send us an email. Thank you for all your efforts as PRC coordinators this year, and for helping your students develop a love of reading for leisure and pleasure.


Over 100 new books were added to the booklist this week, and you can find them on the New Booklists download document, or on the regular booklists that are available on the PRC site. Thank you to everyone who has submitted suggestions for books for inclusion on the list, you have helped us craft the biggest booklist ever for students taking part in the NSWPRC. A huge thank you also to our review panel, who provide us with valuable feedback on all books as part of the extensive process they go through before being considered for inclusion on the list. If you have a suggestion for the booklist, please let us know!


The competition is back! For more information visit








For any further information please contact the Librarian Cathy Barden.