Komae Exchange


Marking the thirtieth consecutive year for the Kirrawee High School students recently returned from Komae High School Japan. Mr Simpson and Ms Kinnaird accompanied 24 Year 10 and 11 students on a trip of a lifetime. After students from Komae High School came to Kirrawee to experience life here in August, it was Kirrawee’s turn to go and experience life to the full in Komae, Tokyo. This included such experiences as flower-arrangement, calligraphy, judo, kendo and tea ceremony when at school, as well as Tokyo Disneyland, Mt Fuji and the Bullet Train when sightseeing as a group. It was the perfect mix of cultural sight-seeing and truly living the life of a typical Japanese teenager. What is more, students were immersed in classroom lessons for much of the trip, getting an authentic opportunity to understand the inseparable dimensions of language and culture.

Learning a foreign language is not just a school subject in A Block, it is a means by which to access doors of opportunity you otherwise wouldn’t know were there. Through the exchange program, Kirrawee High School students were able to use their foreign language skills to make friends and discover new music, movies and TV shows. All the while, it was a unique opportunity for the students not just to immerse themselves in a foreign culture, but also to bond as a group.  Each and every student came back to Australia more mature, more confident and more aware of the world around them. Well done Kirrawee!