HSIE subject selections for Year 10

This week the HSIE staff engaged Year 10 in a talk about subject selections for their HSC.

HSIE is one of the largest faculties with 8 Preliminary and 9 HSC courses on offer: Ancient History, Business Studies, Business Services, Economics, Extension History, Geography, Legal Studies, Modern History, Society and Culture.

Students were taken to the performance space and had subject specialist teachers provide them with information and advice about what they are likely to experience including topics, assessments and fieldtrips for the HSIE courses.

Students also got the chance to hear from Year 12 students who are currently taking the course and were able to ask questions – so they didn’t just get the positive perspective from the teachers.

Many students reported that they had a better understanding of what HSIE offers and expressed an interest in some of the courses on offer.

The HSIE staff look forward to meeting parents, care givers and students in Week 10 for the subject selection information evening.