Languages Faculty News

Our return the classroom this term allowed us to create a fun and dynamic program for our language students. Here is a brief outline of some of the activities that have happened in the past 5 weeks.

Yr 7 Japanese obento lunch and French breakfast. All students agreed it was a delicious end to their first year of Language learning

7C participated in a video class with Iwata Junior High School to exchange information about themselves and schools. The ultimate challenge, Japanese v English tongue twisters.

Yr 8 was also pack with learning opportunities to consolidate their language skills. Funny videos, a film study, PIPs and culture presentations to name but a few.

Yr9 Japanese students were selected to be filmed for a Virtual Excursion video being produced for the Tanken centre. They even received a free lunch. They also did a Zoom lesson with our sister school Komae High. The Yr 9 French class prepared pen pal posters for the exciting partnership with our Tahitian friends starting next year.

Yr 10 French and Japanese students continued to work on improving their language skills with creative and fun activities with many preparing to continue into Yr 11.

Yr 11 have just completed their first HSC task. We wish them a happy holiday and look forward to seeing them refreshed and ready for 2022

Yr 12 completed their final HSC exams and are to be congratulated on their outstanding efforts demonstrated throughout their language journey.

Please enjoy the video with a snippet of the students and their work from the last couple of weeks of term 4 … Language Faculty Term 4

Joyeux Noël

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