Welcome Year 7 2019

Kirrawee High School officially welcomed Year 7 2019 to our school community this Wednesday 30th January – and what an excellent start to the year it has been so far! Our newest students were greeted in the Stephen R. Smith Hall by a variety of staff including Mr Munsie, Mr Scott, Mrs. Blanch, Mr Williamson, Mr Short, Miss Carosi and Mr Devine, covering everything from timetables to bell times, and from school expectations to sport.

For the rest of Day 1 and again today, Mr. Hunt and his handpicked group of Year 11 Peer Support leaders engaged students in a variety of collaborative games and discussions.  These activities centred on team building strategies and students socialising and working with their peers  – with whom they will be spending the next six years of their education.

Kirrawee High School looks forward to the year ahead with our new students, and welcomes both students and their families into KHS community!