We say goodbye to a great teacher, leader and gentleman

Mark Mitchell leaves us for a new journey as substantive Deputy Principal of Woolooware High School after being successful at Merit Selection.

Mark is a testament to the qualities of a good public education from a great school, the commitment to lifelong learning and instilling this in future generations.

Mark has always put students first, and his care and generosity have impacted many current and former students, parents and staff. Mark roles included many of the key qualities of Kirrawee High, including Sports Coach and Manager, Whole School Sports Organiser, White Ribbon Ambassador and Champion, Educational Leader, and a role model for all.

Mark personifies the Signature Strengths of Kirrawee High School and will always be a Kirraweean.

Mark shared with students on assembly that being a Kirraweean is just like being family. However, today one of the family leaves this nest and ventures on to new and exciting challenges.

Mark Mitchell, in many ways, you are Mr Kirrawee High School,

We wish you and your family all the best.      Your Kirrawee Family

Farewell to KHS

Make no mistake about it, Kirrawee High School is a very special place. Without a hint of exaggeration, Kirrawee High is a school that is, quite simply, a phenomenal place to learn and teach.

When studying to become a teacher, I always framed thoughts of my prospective career in the context of hopefully, one day, teaching at Kirrawee High School. As a KHS alumni who graduated with such fond memories of school and an incomparable feeling of school pride, I wanted to contribute to the myriad of opportunities available to KHS students that I was fortunate enough to benefit from myself.

Opportunities to achieve academically;

Opportunities to represent the school in sport;

Opportunities to learn a couple of musical instruments, be a part of the wind orchestra, stage band, and the production;

Opportunities to learn another language. In short, the opportunity to have a truly comprehensive secondary education. And they are opportunities that were all due to the incredible Kirrawee High School staff.


As a teacher at Kirrawee High School, I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of the phenomenal mathematics faculty and lead a team of educators totally committed to giving their all to helping students grasp the power and beauty of mathematics. In addition, I had the opportunity to teach the power and beauty of mathematics to ten fantastic Year 12 classes, each with their own wonderful characters, personalities, triumphs, and cracking memories to cherish.



I’ve had the opportunities to be Sport Coordinator, White Ribbon Team Coordinator and Mentoring Coordinator – all wonderful opportunities to help students achieve their maximum potential, make the absolute most of their time at high school, and equipping students to make positive change in their school, in their community and in their world. I’ve had the opportunity to coach KHS representative sports teams and be taken on journeys all across NSW, watching incredibly talented cricketers and footballers ply their trade and represent themselves, their families and their school with pride and distinction.


I had the opportunity to coach the renowned Mighty Men of the Forest, a football team formed from the Class of 2013 – an example of the extraordinary community atmosphere that emanates from Kirrawee High School.



I’ve had the priceless opportunity to work with my dad and to witness for myself all the wonderful things I had heard from his ex-students and colleagues about him as a teacher.



I’ve had the opportunity to try new pedagogy such as flipped learning and the 4C’s – aiming to engage more and more learners by focussing on the skillsets for success for the 21st century. I could only be brave enough to have a crack at these things because of the team of immensely talented and courageous educators around me, as well as our students and their families supporting our school in innovation.

Finally, I had the opportunity and honour to lead KHS as its Relieving Deputy Principal. This gave me invaluable insight and an increased appreciation for the passion, expertise and dedication of my colleagues across the school in our faculties, in our support and admin (SASS) team and in our cleaning team. The care and drive my colleagues have for their school is very special and proved a great source of personal motivation throughout my time at KHS.

I am sincerely grateful for all these opportunities and hopeful that I took full advantage by giving it my absolute all and repaying the trust instilled in me by the KHS community.


As a modus operandi, Kirrawee High School staff go, well and truly, above and beyond. It is a culture that existed when I was a student, and it is a culture that continues to this day. The passion and commitment of my colleagues, continually pushing themselves to go above and beyond for their students, has been absolutely infectious. And the results speak for themselves, both academically and philosophically in terms of the character traits of KHS graduates.

In short, Kirrawee High School is a school with a big reputation that has been built upon for more than 55 years, and it is a reputation that will continue to be enhanced into the future by the calibre of students, staff and the community that continue to support and contribute to this very special school.

I feel honoured to have served the Kirrawee High School community. I returned to KHS as a teacher in 2010, looking to repay the opportunities I had benefitted from as a student, only to leave more indebted than ever at the opportunities I have had the privilege to share in.

As a teacher and as a student, I have spent half of my life at Kirrawee High School. The people and the place will always hold a prominent place in my heart. Thank you for the opportunities; they have truly enriched my life. #upupthekirra

Mark Mitchell – Relieving Deputy Principal, Kirrawee High School.