TAS Online Student of the Term

The TAS Faculty would like to congratulate the following students who have been named ‘TAS Online Students of the Term’ for their commitment and dedication to their subjects whilst remote learning:
  • Emily Smith Yr 12 Textiles – “For working so hard on her MTP, sought help and feedback through the whole process and really focused on getting the little things right. She has fantastic time management skills and has worked to a strict timetable.”
  • Taj Hanna Yr 9 Multimedia – “Taj has shown dedication and pride in his work in Multimedia during online learning. He has challenged himself to achieve at an outstanding level for all tasks. He has taken on extension tasks and continued to demonstrate excellent skills in all areas of remote learning. His most recent assessment submission – Podcast – was outstanding and creative.”
  • Piper Baron Yr 7 Textiles – “Excellence in Materials – Textiles. Piper has submitted outstanding work in her Google Classroom along with making a bag at home in lockdown without assistance. She has a high aptitude for Textiles.”



The faculty would like to congratulate all of the nominees – you’ve all worked so hard this term:

Luke Woelms (7), William Pearce (7), Zali Shobrook (7), Isabella Shalypina (7), Xavier De Frenza (8), Owen Laycock (8), Maddie Appleyard (8), Ryan Taylor (8), Ally Stansfield (8), Mika Faass (8), Brynn Christie (8), Anaya Ghelani (9), Lucy Hrouda (9), Amelie Humphries (9), Brianna Elsner (9), Elwyn Mclean (10), Ruby Griffiths (10), Charli Evers (10), Mia Kent (10), Jasmine Pascalis (10), Jade Woelms (10), Erin Sabbagh (11), Zara Lammers (11), Halle O’Connell (11), Emily Widomski (11), Eve Zegenhagen (12), Anna Elyard (12) and Alana Roach (12).