SJC – Student Leadership

On Thursday 16 September Amie Morton and I attended an online DOVES (Department of Student Voices in Education and Schools) Council Forum where we discussed issues about our current schooling curriculum and policies and tried to think of ways to overcome these problems. It was a great way to connect with students of all ages from other schools and learn about the way the different schools in our directorate operate. I thoroughly enjoyed the forum and am grateful for the comfortable environment it provided to learn about change and the ways we can implement it in our individual schools.

As Amie said, ‘The forum connected students passionate about positive change and making other pupils’ voices heard.’

The DOVES Council is a great initiative that helps students raise their own concerns and praises for the public education system and have their voices heard. Change starts in conversation and I hope that the DOVES council can bring some positive change into our schools.

Taylor Harding