R U OK Day – KHS SRC Wellbeing Week



The SRC Team continue to celebrate the annual KHS SRC Wellbeing Week with our school community through daily wellbeing messages and activities, and today we focus on “RU OK? DAY”.
We are raising awareness to encourage everyone to: reach out –  listen – and support. A conversation could change a life.
Especially during these challenging times #stayconnected.




Click on the following link and follow the 5 steps below: How To Ask

  1. Learn the signs to know WHEN to ask “RU OK?”
  2. Tips on HOW to ask the question/s.
  3. Roleplay conversation scenarios.
  4. Take the RU OK quiz.
  5. Further conversation resources.


*For immediate crisis support and services in the wider community, please refer to the options in the following link: R U OK – Find Help

*Add a splash of yellow today to show your support. Also, you can support the RU OK merchandise through their website.

*To learn more about the “RU OK?” initiative and its origin, click on this link: R U OK – Our Story


Let’s reach out and stay connected.
A conversation could change a life.

Your SRC Team and Miss Botros – SRC mentor.