Mask Mission

Kirrawee Students have been great at complying with the covid measures in place to keep everyone safe. We are most impressed by the how willing everyone is to wear their masks in class.

However, compliance comes at cost, not just a financial one, but equally important, an environmental one. Each disposable mask that is handed out in class can not be recycled. It is made from a thermo plastic polymer which means that more plastic and micro plastic is entering our environment, at best it ends up in landfill, at worst they float around the place and many find way into the waterways.

Thankfully a group of Yr 7 students have decided they want to focus on solutions rather than problems. So, they have come up with an idea to ensure that we reduce our dependence on single use masks by offering material masks from the front office and in some classrooms.

From next week operation Mask Mission will be in motion. The dedicated students will be making masks at lunch time to replace the disposable masks. These masks will be offered to students and teachers. They will be free, and we encourage students to wash them and reuse them rather than taking a disposable mask.

How you can help:

  1. Bring your own mask to school
  2. Donate any material (cotton or cotton blend) and/or elastic
  3. Take a cloth mask (available from Thursday) from the front office rather than a disposable one.
  4. Join our group of volunteers on the Sewing Crew.

We want all students looking like these Yr 10 students, because together we can make a difference!

Bring any donated materials to Language staffroom or see Ms Quan if you want to be part of the sewing crew.