KHS 2019 French Visits

Last Wednesday we said goodbye to our French visitors. For many Year 9 and 10 French students it has been a very intense month. At the end of last term 26 students, Mr Williamson and myself traveled to Paris and then on the Reunion Island.

Paris started as dramatically as it finished, from one student almost not being allowed to fly due to illness to the fiery last day in Paris. We were lucky enough to be one of the very last groups to climb the towers of Notre Dame and look out to the spire and rooftop of the Cathedral hours before a fierce fire broke out we watched the beautiful spire come crashing down on TV just a few hours after our visit.

After our incredible visit to Paris we headed to the Reunion Island where our brave and curious French students immersed themselves into French life with their host families. It was Easter weekend so students had 3 days with their families to practise their French and discover the island. It was both exciting and scary to live with another family and to see life from a different perspective. Discovering the island was really interesting; some went to the lagoon, some went to the waterfalls ( even the forbidden one), some went to church, others went up into the mountains. PJ even went on an overnight hike to Mafate. Everyone had a different experience with their host families. Together we all enjoyed awesome ice-cream, shopping in the traditional markets, and snorkelling on the reef. Our greatest achievement was making it to the top of the volcano. We were literally above the clouds, such an amazing effort by everyone.

We landed back in Sydney late Sunday night, came to school on Monday ( Mr Williamson before Ms Quan) then students followed us on Tuesday. By Monday week 2 we had our Reunion friends here with us at Kirrawee. They were hosted by the Kirrawee students and it was really nice to be able to show them our school and our family life. We visited lagoons and waterfalls, they visited Miranda Westfield, Skyzone and Luna Park 9 among other places) as these activities aren’t available in Reunion.

The Language exchange programs are a unique feature of Kirrawee High that have a long history with our Sister Schools, 31 year for Komae and 10 years for St Michel. These strong relationships are built on the willing support of the Kirrawee High community. Ms Quan and the Language faculty sincerely thank all the host families for welcoming our visitors so warmly into their homes and showing them what life is like in the Shire.

We also thank the teachers such as Ms Kokori, Mr Davis and Mr Simpson for their special lessons which were greatly appreciated by the Reunion students and their teachers. We also thank Mr Williamson for his valued contribution to the trip, including first aid support, training tips for volcano hiking, but most notably for his poem which was much appreciated by all.