Keeping positive and in touch while Learning from Home

Kirrawee High students have never needed to rely on their resilience more than during this turbulent term. The welfare team, led by Ms Carosi, have been distributing short challenges to help students navigate their emotional and physical wellbeing. Our student response has demonstrated the range of strategies and efforts being implemented as we adjust to Learning from Home.

Year 8 Year Advisers have focused in on ways we can connect and help students improve their wellbeing both physically and mentally.  The challenge was called ‘Be Kind to Self And Others’ (SAO).

This challenge had a good response from students and parents. There was a wide variety of activities that the students completed, some of the Self activities included:

Listening to music, Meditation, Exercise (Yoga, Bike rides, Walking, Netball, Skateboarding, Running, Soccer), Staying in contact with friends ,Baking, Reading, Spending time with family members and pets, Going out on the water, Watching shows, Eating healthy, Skin and hair care, Talking to my family, Taking a break from my device, Jewellery making, Learning new skills/hobbies , Being grateful for (Living on the RNP, Friends, Family, Access to technology, My dog)

Students were also asked to do activities for Others. These included:

Making different meals, Baking, Facetime with grandparents,  Doing chores (emptying the dishwasher, washing dishes, sweeping/cleaning floors, tidying rooms), Helping siblings with schoolwork, Spending time with family members and helping them with their tasks, Recorded a duet on Garage band, Organising game and movie nights, Thanking all my teachers for everything they do.


Some quotes from the year 8 students.

“I made both of them eggs in the shape of hearts with smoked salmon on toast. I enjoyed doing this because it felt good in myself to do something to make other people happy. “

“All these wellbeing activities made me feel very happy, good about myself and made me find all the positives about lockdown. Although it is quite boring and I want to get back doing sports, it is nice sometimes to help my family out or do something kind for them making me and them feel better.”

“I believe that I should be thankful to have such great friends that treat me with respect and that’s what I show them. I am grateful to have food on the table everyday because others aren’t so lucky.”

“ I feel as though if you are kind to people, they will be kind back…, so today I decided to spend as much time as possible with my dad. We played basketball in the backyard and swam in the pool.”