Ewan Herdman – a triple threat

Many of you might remember Ewan when he arrived at Kirrawee high school in Yr 7. He left us for a brief time to perform in the professional production of Matilda. Not only did he do the Sydney season but he also travelled to Melbourne. A tough gig for a young performer to leave home and work as a full time entertainer. But then, if you saw him on stage, you would have said “he was born to it”.

Ewan continued to make inroads in the Entertainment Industry as one of the main faces of “Ready Set Dance” – a global dance program that was picked up by Nickelodeon. Now “Ready Set Dance” the TV show  is into its second season. Check out Ewan’s intro as part of the cast: https://youtu.be/MZ39VChtjlg

As Ewan has gotten older, he has managed to catch the eye of many in the industry. He is so impressive on stage that it would not surprise you to know that he was excepted into the Talent Development Program for 2021. Quite an achievement given the fact that we are in a global pandemic and many of those in the Arts have been “pivoting” into other areas. Many of our school community got to witness Ewan’s amazing presence on stage in our recent school musical “On With The Show”. Our school was incredibly lucky to have had the chance to finish that showcase before entering lockdown.

Well, as all full time entertainers are discovering all over the world, resilience is a must need skill as is the ability to diversify and pivot at a moments notice. I don’t think any other industry has had to work as hard to reinvent themselves in order to simply survive.

So Ewan continues to develop just like the industry and he began to explore the world of Entertainment from behind the scenes when he started the Vet Entertainment Course at Kirrawee. Just like his presence on stage, Ewan has been a  dedicated student, a fabulous communicator and a leader, helping others in his class at a moments notice. He has been so impressive in this area, that he was recently awarded the Vet Entertainment Excellence Award by the Youth Partnership.

The Youth Partnership, formerly known as the Southern Sydney Business Education Network, was formed to help young people make the successful transition from school to work or further education.

Ewan is an exceptionally talented young man who has a bright future in this industry. He continues to develop as an entertainer and for him “ the sky”s the limit”.  I look forward to reporting on his adventures after his graduation this year.

Ewan Herdman – remember that name.