Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical Reflection in Year 8 Mathematics

Mr Sharp’s 8MAP and 8MAI classes are in the communication and critical reflection stage of their 5 week group work assignment that focuses on real world application of the Mathematics topics they have investigated this semester.

Student groups were asked to collaborate to the design their own multi-part, real world application that required their peers to use problems solving skills as team to solve. The questions they designed involved areas of personal interest for the students including social media and sport.

Presentations this week have been of the highest standard. Students were able to clearly communicate their designed problems with their peers using mathematical and contextual language, answer questions from their peers about how to solve their designed questions, moved around the classroom to offer advice and suggestions to help their peers find the solution, and even offered prizes to the students who were able to solve their designed problem the quickest, showing full working.

After presentations, students then completed peer assessments on the group presentations where they were asked to critically reflect on the designed question, the real life application of the question, how well the group explained the question, and how well they felt they understood the mathematical concepts and skills involved after the lesson.

Considering that collaboration, communication, creativity and critical reflection are seen as the necessary skillset for 21st learners and leaders, Mr Sharp has led a wonderful initiative that he and his students can be proud of. The engagement from all students during the presentation lessons was clearly evident and wonderful to witness.