Brianna Day

As the Winter Solstice brought about the coldest and shortest day of the year, the Kirrawee High School community led by the SJC, united to raise funds in support of the Captain Starlight Training Program in memory of. Brianna Johnsen. The energy across the school was palpable as students came together, in mufti, to share hot chocolates and reflect on the immeasurable impact that Brianna had, and continues to have, on our community.

Brianna Johnsen began at Kirrawee as a student in 2013. In her short lifetime, Brianna had an enormous impact on the Kirrawee family. Her strength, resilience, humour and dignity in the face of a long battle with Leukaemia, were a testament to her vitality of spirit and had an infectious and enduring legacy on students and staff at Kirrawee High School. This was visible on Monday this week with the school grounds transformed by a sea of purple clothes, decorations, posters and lollies –  Brianna’s favourite colour.

Like so many children who experience long stretches of time in hospital, Brianna’s experience was enriched by Captain Starlight – a program which brought her immense joy and offered a timely distraction. The Captains provide children with the opportunity to have a laugh and enjoy the quintessential experiences of childhood. Kirrawee High School successfully raised $1,617 that will go to support Captain Starlight Learning and Development and with this legacy, Brianna’s memory will live on.