Learning Centre

The Learning Centre, in conjunction with the Library, is used to maximise student outcomes and focus is on three key priority areas from the School Plan.  Although the majority of students self -refer, the Learning Centre welcomes teacher referrals which meet the purposes of the Learning Centre.

The following services are currently being offered in the Learning Centre this year:


  1. Year 7 Study Skills Program
  2. Research skills program


  1. Support for competitions across all faculties.
  2. Supporting PBL across whole school
  3. Supporting Open High School students
  4. Supporting Distance Education students

SEMINARS AND WORKSHOPS- Suggested areas as indicated by student support requests

  1. Exam technique- across KLA’s
  2. Creative writing
  3. Essay writing – general and subject specific
  4. English Paper 1
  5. Others TBA

The Learning Centre Team

Peter Reeve and Melissa Kenehan