Year 7 Camp

Event Date: 22/05/2019 - 24/05/2019

As part of the transition program designed to foster positive social relationships and collective experiences for students at KHS, Year 7 will be participating in a three day camp at the Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation. Year 7 camp is a long honored tradition at KHS and has provided countless memories, friendships and real world experiences for our students.

This camp is an essential event for all Year 7 students to enable deeper immersion as a Kirrawee High School student and to further develop the values and traits that will strengthen the positive experiences they will encounter in the coming years. As well as the opportunity to participate in activities with new, diverse and inclusive friendship groups, the camp will enable the foundations of growth mindset, self-efficacy and resilience.

The camp will take place at Narabeen over three days and will involve a number of interactive and team building activities. These are designed to positively impact on student education through fun and rewarding challenges that activate key learning in:

  • Communication
  • Decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Resilience
  • Team building
  • Leadership

All activities are supervised by qualified program staff, experienced in delivering superior outdoor learning programs. Catering is available for special diets, allergies and medical conditions, and all staff are trained in first aid.

As Year 7 camp is an integral part of Kirrawee High’s Welfare Program, it is expected that every student will attend. If there is any circumstance which may prevent your child from attending, such as financial difficulty or health issue, could you please contact us immediately to discuss this situation. We always endeavour to ensure every student has the opportunity to participate fully in the welfare programs the school offers.

Permission to attend the camp should be given via the parent portal. Here is the link to access the portal …!/login

The cost of the camp is $360 per student. Payment can be made as a lump sum or in parts. There are no refunds processed for camp as it is booked and costed on the number of students attending. Final payments must be made by Thursday 16th May 2019.

Students will depart by Coach from Kirrawee High School at 9.30 am on Wednesday the 22nd. Students should arrive at school NO LATER than 8.30 am that morning. Students will return to school on Friday the 24th by 3.00 pm.

Prior to the camp all students must complete a Medical and Consent Form prior to attending. The information that Sport and Recreation needs about your child includes:

  • medical conditions
  • food related allergies
  • special diets
  • medication
  • emergency contact details
  • media consent

Sport and Recreation needs you to complete this form on behalf of your child. The form is available online and is easy to complete. Once you submit the form the information is sent to the Centre so the staff can prepare for your child’s visit.

Please complete the Medical and Consent Form at:  Medical and Consent Form

It is vital that you enter the following details to complete the online form by Wednesday, 1 May, 2019

  • Booking Number 547577
  • Booking Start Date 22/05/2019
  • Booking Venue Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation
  • For information on camp life and what to pack, go to: Sport and Recreation