Year 7 and 10 Japanese ‘Pikachu: Pet Detective’ Movie Excursion

Event Date: 21/06/2019 - 21/06/2019

Students studying Japanese in Years 7 and 10 will have the opportunity to enjoy a private screening of the popular film ‘Pikachu: Pet Detective’ at Event Cinemas Cronulla on Friday 21 June 2019 from 11:00-15:00.

The movie will serve as a springboard for our units of work for both year levels in Terms 3 and 4.

Students will travel to and from the venue by bus. We will return in time for the 3pm buses. I am confident that all students will find the day very rewarding educationally.

The group will be accompanied by Japanese Teachers Mr Will Simpson and Ms Rosemary Harrison, as well as Year 7 Advisors Mr John Devine and Ms Jessica Carosi, and Year 10 Advisor John Whitaker.

The cost of the excursion is($20.00). Students are to bring their own lunch and snacks for in the movie, as there will not be time to purchase snacks from the cinema. Full school uniform is required.