Year 12 Geography Fieldwork Tasmania

Event Date: 27/09/2020 - 02/10/2020

This excursion is to allow students to complete fieldwork for their HSC Geography course in Ecosystems at Risk, People and Economic Activity and Urban Places.

Venue: Tasmania – Hobart (Staying at The Lea Scout Centre in Kingston) visiting Hartz Mountains National Park, Mount Field National Park, Mount Wellington, Taranna and Hobart to visit Federation Chocolate Company, Triabunna to visit Maria Island, Cockle Creek to visit South West Cape.

Transport – Mini-Bus driven by Mr Hunt (Teacher at Kirrawee High School), Both Mr Hunt and Ms Thomson have Bus Licences and have experience driving mini-buses.

Cost: $1200.00 per student, this covers Flights, Accommodation, Transport, All activities and Food.

Payment will be in instalments as follows:

$150 deposit (due by March 19th)

$550 instalment (due by June 12th)

$500 instalment (due by August 13th)

Supervising Teachers: Ms Thomson and Mr Hunt

What to Bring/Equipment Required:
Tasmania in spring is usually wetter than other times of the year and is notorious for glorious sunny conditions one minute followed by squalls, bucketing rain and snow the next minute.

  • For fieldwork, the following is needed:
    A4 clipboard, pens, pencils, 5 x A4 plastic sleeves and a camera (charged with charger brought).
  • Waterproof jacket and pants, not a parka and ski pants as you will get VERY HOT as we will be walking up hills in these if it is raining.
  • Gloves and scarf (a beanie is being made for each student at present)
  • Warm jacket and pants
  • At least one set of thermals
  • Warm wool blend socks (cotton socks take warmth from you so a wool blend with acrylic is a better option)
  • One pair of good, comfortable walking shoes (or joggers) or boots. These will most likely get wet.
  • Sturdy day bag (school backpack that can handle getting wet).
  • 4 large garbage bags (one will be used to keep things dry inside your backpack whilst we are out doing fieldwork, one will be in the bus to be used to carry wet clothing/equipment back to our accommodation, one will be for dirty clothes to bring home and the other is a spare in case it is needed!).
  • Hat (a wide brim will protect you from the sun which is a lot higher in UV than we have in Sydney).
  • Sunscreen
  • Small towel/chamois to use when wet from fieldwork
  • Water bottle (AT LEAST 1litre, it would be better if you had 2litres)
  • Sturdy Lunchbox
  • Chap stick for lips as we will be in exposed areas completing fieldwork
  • Sunglasses
  • Strapping tape if you are prone to injuries as we will be doing a fair amount of walking and it would be wise to strap and prevent injuries instead of having to manage injuries once they present

The following is needed for non-fieldwork whilst in Tasmania:

  • Warm clothes for 5 days
  • Pyjamas (ugg boots or slippers)
  • Underwear and socks for 6 days (A backup pair is always good!)
  • Sleeping Bag (as warm as possible)
  • Thongs for the showers (or Crocs)
  • Towel for the showers
  • Toiletries (Soap, Tooth brush and paste)
  • Comfortable joggers for wearing when in town and at our accommodation
  • Torch or head torch for night time

This fieldwork is on during the term 3 to term 4 school holidays and as such, the students will no be missing any classes.