Year 12 ArtExpress

Event Date: 01/04/2019 - 01/04/2019

The class in which your child participates will go on an excursion to the NSW Art Gallery on Monday 1 April 2019.

This excursion has been planned to supplement the work being done in Visual Arts. Students will attend the ‘ArtExpress’ exhibition.

They will also view parts of the permanent Contemporary Collection in the gallery focusing on artworks that explore the subject matter of Contemporary Art Practice. Year 12 are currently developing their Body of Work in class and are studying the work of Contemporary artists.
Travel to and from the gallery will be by train. The cost of the excursion is as follows:

  1. Each student requires, to travel to Martin Place, an OPAL card with sufficient funds. A return trip to the city is to be purchased at Kirrawee train station and the cost of the trip is approximately $5.00 (OPAL cards can be purchased for $10.00 and will need to be purchased prior to the day of the excursion. Please note: students cannot use their school OPAL card for travel on this excursion).
  2. Students should bring their morning tea, to eat before they enter the gallery.
  3. Students may purchase their lunch at the food court at Martin Place if they do not bring their own lunch. Be aware that the food outlets at the food court can be somewhat expensive.
  4. Entrance to ARTEXPRESS and the permanent collection is free.

Students are to meet at Kirrawee Railway station. We will be catching a train at approximately 9.00am and arriving back at Kirrawee station at approx. 2.30pm.  If any student would like to alight from a different train station on the return journey, a permission note signed by the parent/caregiver must be given to the teacher prior to the excursion day or they will not be permitted to alight off any other train station except Kirrawee. Students are to be at Kirrawee station by 8.30am and no later than 8.45 am.

Students are to bring VAPD, pencil and, if possible, a digital camera. Photos can only be taken in the “ArtExpress” Exhibition.
Students will be required to complete worksheets on the day. Full school uniform is required; including appropriate and protective footwear.

The group will be supervised by Mrs Veljanovski and Mrs Williamson.