Year 11 into Year 12 Camp

Event Date: 14/10/2019 - 16/10/2019

2019’s Year 11 into Year 12 camp will take place during Week 1, Term 4, from Monday 14 October to Wednesday 16 October, 2019, and will be at the Tops Conference Centre, Stanwell Tops. The camp will centre on inducting students into Year 12, assisting them with developing their organisational and time management practices as well as providing assessment and curriculum information. They will complete the Elevate Study Skills programs of “Ace Your Exams” and “Memory Mnemonics”, which focus on developing effective skills and practices in preparing for the HSC. Additionally students will complete the NSW Department of Education mandatory Crossroads Program, which addresses personal and social issues for young people. The seminars will focus on relationships, drugs and alcohol, and will be delivered by agencies approved by the NSW Department of Education and Community. Any student who does not meet the requirements this year will have to complete them in 2020 during Year 12. The camp will also provide a number of outdoors team-building experiences and evening activities.

Given the mandatory and essential HSC skills covered at this camp, it is expected that all students will attend. Those parents who have approached the school in relation to financial hardship may be able to access support by way of a delayed or part payment. Please contact Mrs Kenehan (HT Welfare) or Mr Munsie (Relieving Principal). The cost of the excursion is $280, which includes transport, accommodation, meals and activities. The money can be paid by cash, cheque, payable to Kirrawee High School, Visa/Mastercard to the front office by Friday 13 September 2019 (Week 8) or by electronic payment (no later than 4:00pm on the day prior to the payment due date). Once payment has been made students will be able to submit their preferred rooming arrangements. There are no refunds processed for buses as the buses are booked and costed on the number of students. Please note that no payment can be accepted after the due date, due to financial administration procedures.

The group will depart from Kirrawee High School at 9:00 am on 14 October and return to Kirrawee High School at approximately 2:45pm on 16 October. Travel will be by bus.

This camp is being conducted with the permission of the Principal.