Tiddas 4 Tiddas – CANCELLED

Event Date: 07/04/2020 - 07/04/2020

Interactive workshop with the founders of Tiddas4Tiddas at Sutherland Library, how to use the library, free pizza lunch. Female students from 7-12.
Students to walk to Kirrawee station, train to Sutherland Library, return at 1:00pm for sport (junior students only unless senior students have a class during sport).

Opal card required.

Venue: Sutherland library

Transport: train walk opal card required

Time: 9:30-1:00pm

Cost: free

Supervising Teachers: Turnbull

What to bring/Equipment Required: opal card

What to wear: sports or senior uniform

Return to class instructions (if excursion is not for a whole day): Juniors to attend sport, Seniors to attend normal afternoon lessons (if applicable)

Students must make a genuine effort to catch up any school work missed as a result of attending this excursion.

This excursion is being conducted with the permission of the Principal