FDS Graduate Show / MAAS fashion exhibition

Event Date: 26/11/2019 - 26/11/2019

Year 12 Textiles and Design students will be attending ‘Fashion Design Studio Graduate Showcase’ at ‘The Muse’ Ultimo Sydney Tafe. This is a fashion parade and exhibition of 2019 final student majors and should help inspire textiles students working on their own MTP’s. The parade begins at 12.30pm. Prior to this, we will be walking down to MAAS Powerhouse Museum to view their current textiles exhibition ‘Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson – Step into Paradise’. Year 12 students are required to study one contemporary designer; so this exhibit forms an important part of their senior study.

  • Date: Tuesday 26th November 2019
  • Cost: $15.00
  • Venue: Ultimo Sydney TAFE (The Muse) and MAAS Powerhouse Museum, Sydney
  • Transport: Students will be travelling by train and walking. They will need to bring their own Opal card for transport and wear full school uniform (including covered leather shoes). Travel will be from Kirrawee Station (meet at 8:30am) and students will be dismissed from Kirrawee Station at approximately 3:00pm.
  • Time: 8:30am Kirrawee Station
  • Supervising Teachers: Mrs Kim Adelerhof
  • What to bring/Equipment Required: Opal card, Lunch or money to purchase lunch
  • What to wear: Full school uniform
  • Return to class instructions (if excursion is not for a whole day): N/A
  • Students must make a genuine effort to catch up any school work missed as a result of attending this excursion.