Duke of Ed Hike 2

Event Date: 05/12/2019 - 06/12/2019

  • Aim/Reason for Excursion: Duke of Ed hike 2
  • Venue: Numerous locations around Sydney (Eg Bondi, Wastons bay, Cockatoo island Mosman, Manly, Martin Place)
  • Transport: Train, bus and ferry
  • Time: Thursday 5th December 2019 8:00am to Friday 6th December 2019 4:00pm
  • Cost: $320 (already paid to office)
  • Supervising Teachers: Hunt, Thomson
  • What to bring/Equipment Required: Hiking equipment, food (two lunches, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast, snacks)
  • What to wear: Hiking equipment, sleepwear and toiletries

Further information about hike:


  • Meet Mr Hunt and Mrs Thomson at Sutherland Train Station at 7am on 5/12/19 for travel to North Sydney
  • Hike towards Manly Day one (possibly only to Mosman this day)
  • Ferry to Cockatoo Island (for overnight camping)
  • Ferry to Mosman (on morning of 6/12/19)
  • Hike Mosman to Manly
  • Ferry to Circular Quay
  • Train Home from Martin Place, aiming to arrive at Sutherland Station on 6/12/19 by 4pm for pick up.
  • Return to class instructions (if excursion is not for a whole day): N/A
  • Students must make a genuine effort to catch up any school work missed as a result of attending this excursion.
  • This excursion is being conducted with the permission of the Principal.