Case Study Work at Westfield Miranda

Event Date: 17/12/2019 - 17/12/2019

In order to best support your child in this course, an understanding of contemporary businesses are needed to fully appreciate the nature of Business Studies. An excursion has been arranged in order to support this at Miranda Westfield.

Transport: Students will be meet Mr Sassine and Mrs Halar opposite Muffin Break. This will become the meeting point as well for the day. Students must make use of their personal OPAL cards when travelling to the venue.

Time: Students will meet Mr Sassine and Mrs Halar at 9:00am and will be dismissed from Muffin Break at 12:45pm.

Cost: Train travel and lunch

Supervising Teachers: Mr Sassine and Mrs Halar

Equipment: Students will be required to bring a clipboard and pen as they will be completing a Business activity that applies the theoretical concepts of this course.

What to wear: Students must wear full school uniform.

Students must make a genuine effort to catch up on any school work missed as a result of attending this excursion.