Kaleidoscope Prepares for their next big Event

Picture it…… 7.45am…….Wednesday 4th March……..pouring with rain………….17 Kirrawee High School students meet at Sutherland Station. The mission – travel by train into Town Hall and walk through the pouring rain to the Sydney Congress Hall and not get wet!

Kaleidoscope were allocated this mission as they were attending the first rehearsal for “In Concert” – an Arts Unit Initiative that brings together over 1600 voices, one symphony orchestra, one Australian Composer and one global musician to perform in two concerts at the Town Hall in May.

The students arrived (not completely dry) at 9am, one of the first so got to sit in the very front. They sang tirelessly all day and managed to learn 75% of the music. It was an extraordinary achievement. I was very proud of them.

When we broke for lunch, there wasn’t really anywhere to sit and eat lunch so we wandered over to the 7-Eleven across the road for much needed supplies. One pair (who shall remain nameless) engaged their maths knowledge, assessing the best deal for the Krispy Kreme Donuts, deciding that a box of 12 for $20 was heaps better than 4 for $10. I of course, mentioned the health risks of eating 6 donuts each but they ensured me that they were planning of taking some home for the family. On the train home, I did see some still in the box. So hopefully they made their intended destination.

Kaleidoscope are very excited to be singing this program and having the chance to meet Lior in May. They have quite busy schedule for May. They will have two rehearsals, the concert in Town Hall, a gig on the weekend after the concert and a competition in the following week. So we wanted to show you who they were and hope that you can take up our invitation when it is released in April.