IN THE SPOTLIGHT – Cody Ettingshausen

Welcome to a new series from the Music Department called “In the Spotlight”. I was incredibly inspired by the current series ‘Signature Strengths” that I thought, why not feature some of our amazing musicians and entertainers who are reaching beyond the classroom and the school, to break into the music industry.

Having the courage to write and release your own music requires a lot of belief in what you have produced. Sometimes what you have created, you love, but the question begs, does everyone else? As technology and the industry makes it easier to write, record and produce your own music, it is not surprising to find young people self publishing. As someone who is involved in this type of industry, I find this incredibly courageous. As we all know, high School can be difficult enough without purposefully drawing attention to yourself. In today’s music industry, it is so important to ensure that your online presence is safe and secure and that you are projected in a positive light. This is not something that we tend to teach in classroom music, although I feel we should ensure that the students are given as much guidance as possible. I also believe we should support their efforts.

Well, today in the music spotlight, we congratulate and feature Cody Ettingshausen from Year 12, 2020.

Cody describes himself as an Electronic Indie Pop Rock artist who just loves to “create bops and perform them”. He is the ultimate triple threat – he can sing, he can act and he can dance up a storm. Of course we all followed Cody in his youth when he was in the musical Matilda. Last year, Cody, along with a number of other students and teachers at the school, were featured at School Spectacular. We were very proud of Cody’s performances, singing, dancing and backflipping in the rain. It is not surprising that Cody is featured in this years Schools Spectacular and we look forward to seeing what he presents. If you haven’t got your tickets yet, then get in quick.

Cody has been working on his online skills for some time. Cody has a very popular Youtube Channel with 956 subscribers. He has a current profile on Triple J Unearthed, and today he released his first single to the iTunes Charts – “Poison”.

This song is currently getting some traction, already debuting on the iTunes Charts at 195, and he is certainly turning heads on Triple J Unearthed. With comments like “is he the next Australian Shawn Mendes”, and references to his natural born talent, this one is certainly an artist to watch. So check out this song on iTunes and offer a review if you like it. It is surprising how much this type of support is noticed by those in the know.