HSC Dance – Callback Nominations

Congratulations to our Year 12 Dance students who completed 80% of their HSC Elective Dance Course in August.

The students presented their Core Performance (20%), Core Composition (20%), and their Major Study Performance (40%) in week 5 of this term.

Already two of our students have proved their success by achieving a Callback Nomination. Pypar Newton received a nomination for her Core Performance and Ivy Sweeney received a nomination for her Major Study Performance. Nominations for this prestigious event, are from the HSC Examiners and these indicate that the student has received full marks in what they presented in the corresponding component for their HSC.

This is an excellent result for both the students and Kirrawee High School. We are sure this success will continue for these students throughout their exams.

A special thanks to the 8 students who performed in the HSC Students Core Composition exam. The students showed great dedication and worked extremely hard throughout the many rehearsals in the lead up to the HSC.

Thank you:
Tully Berman
Olivia Brown
Talia Slootweg
Sophie Milmlow
Jaime Carroll
Paige Digby
Taleisha Grenz
Elizabeth Williams