2020 ArtExpress

Two of our art students from the 2019 cohort currently have their Body Of Work’s displayed in ArtExpress at Hazelhurst gallery.

Patricia Turner’s BOW “Perception” explores the concept of perception representing the elements of human vulnerability through a surreal lens. Her beautiful oil paintings employ symbolism and elements of self-portraiture demonstrating her exquisite painting skills.

Please click on the following link to see Patricia’s amazing BOW: Hazelhurst AT HOME

Taya Corrigan’s BOW “Them, the Others” represents the harmony that exists when the limitations of stereotypes are removed. The work represents the greater community “othered” by society. Taya’s exceptional drawing skill is showcased in the two life sized pen drawings of the masculine female and the feminine male.

On the opening night, Taya was the well deserved winner of a prestigious artist’s award. Taya was awarded this honour for displaying excellence in her chosen expressive form.

Congratulations to both girls.