Senior Executive

Principal Mr G Munsie (Relieving)
Deputy Principal – Curriculum (Years 7, 9 and 11) Mr K Scott
Deputy Principal – Administration (Years 8, 10 and 12) Mr M Mitchell (Relieving)

Head Teachers

English Ms E Farmer (Relieving)
HSIE Mr B Smith
Technological & Applied Studies Mrs R Saare
Languages Ms E Quan
Mathematics Mr M Scott (Relieving)
PDHPE Mrs A Anderson
Science (Relieving) Mr P Reeve
Visual Arts & Music Mrs M Veljanovski
Student Welfare Mrs M Kenehan
Teaching & Learning Ms L Moon (Relieving)
Communication & Student Management Mrs J Blanch
Personnel & Learning Technologies Mr G Pollard

2020 Year Advisers & Support Staff

Year 7 Ms A Saunders Mr M Elsner
Year 8 Ms J Carosi Mr J Devine
Year 9 Ms A McEntyre Ms A West
Year 10 Ms K Salis Mr D Hunt
Year 11 Ms S Fellas Mr J Whittaker
Year 12 Ms R Kinnaird Mr W Simpson
School Psychologists Ms T Owens Ms L Cinat
Careers Adviser Mr J Olovich
Teacher / Librarian Mrs C Barden
Computer Coordinator Mr G Pollard
Technology Support Officer Mrs J Robson
School Administration Manager Mrs V McMillan