Our Signature Strengths

After a comprehensive 9 month journey initiated by our student leadership groups (Prefects, SRC, Social Justice Council, Sustainability & Environmental Committee, and White Ribbon Ambassadors), the Signature Strengths of the Kirrawee High School Community signs have now been installed in every classroom and learning space.

The Signature Strengths will be officially launched on August 15 in school assemblies, with the classroom signs acting as conversation starters between teachers and students. After initiation by our student leadership groups, the Signature Strengths have been presented and fine-tuned by the school executive, the school P&C, and the school staff. In other words, as the name suggests, the Signature Strengths of the Kirrawee High School Community are for our entire community!

The intention of the Signature Strengths is to take the place of “school rules”, but to be far more meaningful and dynamic than mere rules:
• In the classroom, they are our expectations.
• In a community sense, they are our core values.
• In a corporate sense, they are as our mission statements.
• In an inspiration sense, they are our motivators.
• In a broader educational sense, these are the desired character traits of Kirrawee High School graduates.

The Signature Strengths of the Kirrawee High School Community are:
• Resilient learners who work towards their personal best
• Respectful global citizens who embrace a common humanity
• Responsible and engaged students who are proud of themselves and their school



We look forward to seeing the full impact of the Signature Strengths across our community over the coming months. We ask that our parents/carers have conversations with their children about the Signature Strengths – asking them what they think they mean for their school lives and beyond.

Download Signature Strengths Document