Library Services

The Library is recognised as a pivotal point or paramount resource in the school. It is seen as the disseminator of information, playing an important role in helping both teachers and students navigate the complexities of the information landscape.

Services :

  • Recommendations and loans
  • Access to the latest non-fiction material
  • Access to data bases
  • Magazines and periodicals
  • Premiers Reading Challenge
  • Open High School
  • Distance Education
  • Public Speaking and debating
  • Quiet Study Areas
  • Areas for project -based learning
  • Games Club
  • Interest Groups
  • After hours professional development
  • Disability provisions examinations
  • Languages Sister Schools Program
  • P&C and School Council Meetings
  • Drama , Dance and Music Performance Space
  • After hours supervised study areas
  • Principal’s Conference

Libraries are much more than a collection of resources . They are places where teachers, students and communities can gather .They also provide a venue for students to showcase their work and performance in a safe and valued environment.