About our school

Principal’s Message – a special place to learn

Welcome to Kirrawee High School, a place of learning, of passion, and commitment to each other as a vibrant, optimistic and energetic community. Kirrawee has a purpose to provide our students with the skills, grit and personal qualities that will equip them to grasp a world of endless opportunity; opportunity that is seen as something exceeding the limits we may at first identify within ourselves.

The relevance of Kirrawee is born of tradition and a culture that helps shape everything we do. In turn, this living culture is defined by central pillars that recognise knowledge without borders, a classroom that exists anywhere quality learning takes place, a global outlook that welcomes diversity and a single humanity, an artistic sensibility in which we are moved by the emotion of learning, and the timeless values that fuel a personal impulse of exerting ourselves to new physical limits.

This school has an enviable record in high levels of academic achievement, including the classroom, student leadership, social justice, the arts and sport. Kirrawee High is also a nationally recognised lighthouse school for languages. The authentic rigour brought to learning is augmented by exchange visits with Komae High School in Japan and College St Michelle in Reunion Island, relationships that have been fostered for over 25 years.

Measure by Achievement is a motto that speaks to our students’ character and the qualities they develop as a graduate of this school. Resilience, compassion, courage, tenacity, integrity and vision define their achievements and the maturing of a capable generation. There is a high expectation that students remain determined to improve on their last best effort. These qualities are testimony to the abiding quality and spirit that embodies this school: nothing of value can be achieved without hard work.

There may be no better testimony to the power of Public Education at this school than the esteemed alumni that have made such significant contributions to our nation. Authors, Supreme Court Justices, professors, doctors, educators, CEOs, engineers, Olympians, composers and actors are just some of the fields in which the legacy of a Kirrawee High School education remains as the foundation of lifelong skills.

Kirrawee High is a dynamic school community in which its proactive and articulate students, passionate teachers, and invested parents/carers unfailingly work together to fulfil the promise of its young individuals

It is for all these reasons that I believe Kirrawee High is an outstanding school and one in which every student will find their unique and valued place.



Christine Campbell

Kirrawee High is a large co-educational comprehensive high school. It is set in the quiet residential suburb of Kirrawee adjacent to the Royal National Park in Sydney’s southern suburbs. Its student population is drawn mainly from local primary schools at Gymea Bay, Grays Point and Kirrawee.

Kirrawee is a Languages High School that provides a comprehensive education for its 1200 students and strives to provide a pleasant, supportive and safe learning environment where all students are encouraged to achieve personal excellence and attain social and emotional fulfilment. A feature of our school is its outstanding long term reputation for academic, performing arts and sporting achievements.

Many of our sporting teams and individuals have achieved great success in numerous state wide competitions. A number of our ex students have represented Australia on an international sporting arena including winning medals at Olympic Games.

The school offers an extensive range of programs in all Key Learning Areas. Our students are encouraged to participate in the many extra-curricular activities offered at Kirrawee. These include debating and public speaking, musical and dramatic productions, the Student Council, community service, charitable collections and fund raising, arts & crafts and peer support to name a few.

A comprehensive welfare structure supports student learning and socialisation through innovative programs and counselling services.